We supply eco-friendly and cost-saving cooking and fuel solutions for schools and small businesses.

We manufacture and distribute Kuni Safi briquettes, a nearly smokeless alternative to charcoal and firewood made of sugarcane waste, and affordable Kuni Safi cookstoves.  

Our target customers

Our impact


Acacia Innovations is a for-profit social enterprise and is committed to investing a majority of our gross profits

back into our business to achieve sustainability, grow our impact, and fulfill our mission.

Reduced Deforestation

Every ton saves an average of 25 trees!

Lower Health Risks

Kuni Safi is nearly smokeless, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses due to indoor air pollution such as pneumonia, lung cancer, strokes, and heart disease.

Cost Savings

Customers save an average of 35% compared to firewood and 50% compared to charcoal!


"Forget charcoal, try cheaper eco-friendly briquettes"


"Acacia Innovations Fights Kenyan Deforestation"


"Briquettes best solution to deforestation"


"Kuni Safi is a cheap and clean alternative to wood fuels"


Special Prize for SDG-7, 2018

Entrepreneurship Award, 2018

1st Place, SME Award, 2018

What our customers say

Mr. Kimathi, PrincipalMuhuri Muchiri High School
Our termly budget for firewood has been reduced by half. Long live Kuni Safi!
Mrs. Joyce Kamau, HeadteacherM.M. Chandaria Primary School
Kuni Safi has really helped us. There is no smoke. We don't want anything to do with smoke because it affects our health. We are so impressed.
Mr. Vincent, HeadteacherKwa Watoto Centre
The school loves the product. Their lunch now gets ready by 12:40 pm as compared to when they used firewood when lunch was always late. We no longer suffer from too much smoke.
Mr. Mutisya, Headteacher World Hope Academy
When we compare it with firewood, this is more convenient, economical, healthy and cleaner. Once it lights, you just wait for food.

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