We provide Kuni Safi briquettes, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to firewood made from sugarcane waste. 

Kuni Safi briquettes are nearly smokeless, have a higher energy content, and are reliably available year-round. 

Our target customers

Our impact


Acacia Innovations is a for-profit social enterprise and is committed to investing a majority of our gross profits

back into our business to achieve sustainability, grow our impact, and fulfill our mission.

Reduced Deforestation

Every tonne consumed saves an average of 25 trees.

Lower Health Risks

Nearly smokeless, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses attributable to indoor air pollution such as pneumonia, lung cancer, strokes, heart disease and COPD.

Cost Savings

Customers only need to buy half the quantity compared to firewood, thereby freeing up money for better uses. 

What our customers say

Mr. Mutisya, Teacher in ChargeWorld Hope Academy
When we compare it with firewood, this is more convenient, economical, healthy and cleaner. Once it lights, you just wait for food.
Mr. Mutharimi, DirectorHepta School
Kuni Safi is easy to use, very efficient, smoke free, and very economical.
Mr. Ondiecki, PrincipalRiruta Central School
Smoke was previously a big problem in our kitchen, as it would sometimes pollute the classrooms, thereby making them unconducive. With Kuni Safi, there is hardly any smoke, which our cooks and students have enjoyed since.
Mrs. Kariuki, DirectorNew Light Schools
They are better than firewood. Healthwise, it is good because there is no smoke. The workers are not coughing like before. They last long. I can see a big difference.

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