The Kuni Safi Jiko is an affordable, modern, clean cookstove for schools, restaurants & hotels. It is designed to cook most quickly & economically with Kuni Safi briquettes, but can also use firewood or charcoal in locations outside of the Kuni Safi service areas.

5 liter sufuria

30 liter sufuria

100 liter sufuria


  • Cooks efficiently for 20-100 servings
  • Can be used with any sufuria from 5 litres to 100 litres
  • Nearly smokeless
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Only uses a few pieces of Kuni Safi fuel to cook
  • Most economical option on the market
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Price List

Kuni Safi Jiko* - 22,000 ksh
16 ft. Chimney (materials & labour) - 6,000 ksh
Aluminium 30-l sufuria + lid - 2000 ksh
Stainless steel 30-l sufuria + lid - 10,000 ksh

*Inclusive of "reducer lid" and 2 foot chimney
**Transport not inclusive; quoted separately based on location