Kuni Safi is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to firewood made from sugarcane waste. 


  • Economical: Cheaper per month than firewood, leading to cost savings of 5-80%. 
  • Reliable: Available year-round with no shortages during rainy season. 
  • High-quality: Produces more heat than firewood and burns for twice as long.
  • Healthy: Cleaner smoke with less particulate matter, sulfur, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Eco-friendly: Every tonne saves 25 trees. 
Firewood Kuni Safi Description
Calorific value 2925 kcal/kg 6513 kcal/kg Twice as much energy as firewood per kg
Moisture content 15-60% 7.3% Very low moisture
Ash content 2% 3% Comparable to firewood
Bulk density 460 kg/m3 933 kg/m3 Twice as dense as firewood

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Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, and Bakeries